I don't know if any of you can relate with this but I'm curious. When I'm REALLY into my dd I walk around my house for hours (listening to music cause I never take my earbuds off) and I think that "walking" is one of my triggers. 

Also, I started to notice that all my daydreams have elements in common. For example, I always have a male best friend have the kind of same personality and i normally can't control my stories, like if my mind wants to kill somebody, I can try whatever I want but that person is going to end up dead... I don't know if it's easy to understand :p

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I used to walk up and down my living room, but don't do that much anymore since I moved to a different house that has a smaller living room, so less space to pace. I still pace up and down as I dry my hair though, and I daydream as I walk when I am out.

Other daydream triggers/movements of mine are listening to music and swinging side to side on my chair.

Yeah, walking while listening to music is definitely my biggest trigger.

Honestly, yes I have a very VERY similar issue. I feel like it may have alot to do with co-morbid illness like OCD and Bipolar. Um, I am not trying to claim you have either of these, but I do. I have been told time and time again that is why I sometimes have many unwanted thoughts that race. But music and walking or some type of motion "helps" my DD take hold to great heights. For me, I think its kind of a good thing. Without my DD I think I would snap. Honestly I think maladaptive DDs help with creativity. 

But if this really concerns you, maybe you could speak with a counselor about this. I do and it helps alot! :)

I totally get this. I didn't start pacing and walking around until I was about 13, (My MDD seemed to get more severe around those years, although I've been daydreaming since I was probably about 5 or 6.) Now, I always walk when I daydream and I usually ALWAYS have music. I do sometimes daydream without it, but I have found that my daydreams are alot more intense with music. Pretty much all music is a trigger for me. 

I always have a male best friend too. I might have one or two female friends in my daydreams but I have noticed that most of my daydreams focuses on males. 


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