I've come to the realization that I'm spending on average 6 hours playing video games DAILY. This has been going on since middle school and I can't keep uses this as an escape. But it's hard because it seems that nothing else keeps me engaged the same way anymore. I'm sure I'm not the only one who goes through this.  Can anyone give me some tips?

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I can't give you any tips but I've been an avid gamer myself. Back when I had newly gotten a PS3 I'd too spend atleast 6 hrs a day gaming. But as my MD grew my enthusiasm for gaming dropped. I didn't really feel engaged in a game and there wasn't any freshness in how I played. I'd obsessively try the same strategy again and again instead of really playing the game like an adventure! It was sick (not the slang sick but sickly sick) and I dropped gaming in a heartbeat.

Does gaming really engage you? If it does I'm jealous. How old are you?

I dream waaay more than I play videogames. Don't even do it daily or weekly lol. And I do still consider myself a gamer tho haha. the dreaming just takes a lot of time :p

I'm curious, what games do you play?

Mostly sandbox games, games with too much story or GPS don't  jive for me. And I just realized that your absolutely  right; my daydreams are so much better. Video games are easier to swap stories about, though. And people bother you less when your playing a DS than pacing. That might be why.


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