Ok. So I went into this daydream that I have recycled quite a few times and it was somewhat of a tragic scene. I didn't realise that I had gone into the daydream so intensely and I ended up feeling the character's feelings- which is usual- but this time the character was going though some kind of emotional traumatic experience and ended up with broken heart syndrome of some sort and I physically felt it in my chest. My heart feels like it tore a little and it's been quite some time now since I've snapped out of it and it's still hurting in my chest. What do I do??? I tried reverse daydreaming and forcefully dreamt up warm hearted scenarios and it feels a bit better now but there's still a dull ache. This is the first time I felt a daydream affect me physically to this extent. ;-; I'm too scared to tell anyone so I came here.

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Hmm…if it were me, I would try to just feel the heartbreak in my chest, without trying to escape from it in any way. I’d tell myself, ok, I feel pain in my chest and panic—so be it. And I’d try to be there for my hurting body, just like I’d be there for a friend who was hurt. 

I hope you’re doing ok now.

Well it happens to me too , like i'd be daydreaming of some situation which is exciting nd my heart starts pounding ,nd my breathing rate increases, that is an adrenaline rush nd i have read some other guy talk about it too like he gets sweat out of his body (adrenaline rush).
It's not the rush feeling (that'snormal). It's the tearing of heart feeling I'm talking about. The heart of my character physically tore and I felt that tearing irl that's why I got scared because broken heart syndrome is a real thing and I don't want to accidently cause that to myself because I got too immersed.

I've never experienced something like that but I have been immersed in a book or a movie and some tragic scenes had haunted me for weeks. Time is the best medicine, try to wait it out and focus on calming yourself, panic will only make things worse. Try meditation, watch a stand-up performance, anything. And if nothing helps, you can try to find forums, websites or videos on how to deal with a heartbreak, even if it wasn't real. Nobody needs to know, you can pretend it actually happened to you and talking to someone who went through something similar might really help. I wish you all the best.

Thankyou, dreamavoyeur. That was helpful.


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