I have come to categorise MD in it's various stages. The first stage, where you make up short, random daydreams, picturing yourself in different situations, which is actually so common it might not even be categorised as MD. But as it progresses, MD, like cancer, spreads and becomes stronger, dangerous. The random daydreams turn into an almost real world, and with the characters we sometimes create an attachment not suitable. But in extreme cases, these two worlds we live in can start clashing, and start turning into one... And that's probably not a good thing.

For me, it can be simply explained in Harry Potter terms (me being a POTTERHEAD). Imagine your self created world the Wizarding World, the real the Muggle World. Imagine what will happen if the two worlds were to become one, if the Wizarding World was to reveal itself to the Muggles. Most people will find themselves faced by a horrific reality unfolding itself in front of them, find themselves positively scared at such a prospect, such a possibility, because they fear dominance of this new world over their own. Other's will try to find their solutions in this new world, hoping, maybe expecting it to be able yo do that. Most will find themselves in continuous conflict with themselves, living in utter confusion, not knowing how to respond to which world.

For me, MD isn't much different from the Wizarding World. Of course, I'm not implying that people let their two worlds clash, or that they even have much control over what's happening to stop it. All I'm saying is, try to limit it before it reaches such a dangerous extent, because the results can be drastic.

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I might be missing your point as well, but I think merging the worlds can be very constructive if done correctly. Actually, my psychologist encouraged me to merge them but that wouldn't be very fun because they conflict so much like you said, that there'd be so much compromise that the "Wizarding World" would be devalued by the "Muggle World" so in its purest state the "Wizarding World" is greater. Granted, it would probably be healthier for me if I listened to her but um, no. I don't think I'll ever even be at a point that I'd want to get rid of my MD, let alone be able to let it go.

But, that being said, I do sort of merge them, but I leave the "Muggle World" out of the "Wizarding World". That, I keep intact, but I bring elements of the "Wizarding World" to the "Muggle World" and in moderation this seems to be quite healthy. Mostly, my "wizard" self, bringing characteristics of her into my "muggle" self has allowed me to achieve a lot of things my muggle self wouldn't be able to normally.

Well, getting my point isn't the point. Having your own is.

I keep them entirely separate in that I don't tell real life people about my day dreams. And my daydreams are pretty much all original content and separate worlds.  And even as a child I never experienced the first stage you speak of.

The first stage, where you make up short, random daydreams...


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