Hi... I am new to this network. I am a little glad to have found people like me who daydream. I have not told many people in my life that I daydream and have been doing it since I was a kid. I thought everybody's brains were wired like that. It took a while for me to realize that I was different. One thing that I found about myself is there are triggers for my MD like music, watching something on TV or even reading a book. Obviously, not everything is in sync with my mind. But if some music is in phase with my mind then I obsessively daydream and cannot function normally for some length of time (depends on the trigger). I was wondering if this also happens to any of you.

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Absolutely. Music, television, movies and books were frequent triggers. Often real life situation were triggers as well. If there was a real life situation that I had trouble dealing with in reality, I dealt with it by going into a daydream where I could deal with it the way I would want to deal with it in a "perfect" world. These days those real life triggers are more common than the media inspired ones.


Music is the biggest trigger for me, I can put my headphones in and disappear into my daydreams for hours. I tend to avoid listening the radio or music when I am driving as it is such a big trigger. 

It's the same for me. Listening to music is my biggest trigger, which is why I don't allow myself to own headphones anymore. Throwing my headphones away has helped me significantly, but I still go back to daydreaming some times, and when I do so it can last for hours.

I just did it for like two hours right now, but when I noticed how long I just daydreamed I remembered this website, and writing in here helped me stop it. 

My triggers are:
Any type of fiction books, films, anime, cartoons
Music that touch me
Stressful situations
Free time is one of my biggest triggers, but yes all what you said does trigger my MD, specially TV.

My triggers are my room and nature.

If everybody's brains were wired like us maladaptive day dreamers, the world would plunge down in the ocean. **Kidding**

Um, yeah. I used to give away to hours of DD by listening to music, but then I lost interest in all my CDs and my iPod broke.
I now just watch YouTube videos any evening whenever I feel like getting in a groove.

My current triggers for maladaptive day dreams are currently movies. Especially in movies where certain actors capture my heart in their big movie moments. I'll wake up in the morning to have breakfast, work through the day and go to bed still thinking about this person I'm suddenly beginning to admire. The actor could be young or even old. I never had a real relationship, so I use these people as role models.


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