I know, it sounds ridiculous. When I was around eleven I was very depressed. I saw these dragon toys at a second hand store and I spent all of my allowance on them. I don't regret it. 
There is five of them. One is turquoise, and the other is icey blue. The others are red, gold/brown, and black/red. I love them like my brothers. Each of them has four wings and four limbs. The red one got into an accident and lost his two back wings. 
I have a large variety of adventures with them. Without them, I wouldn't be here today. When I had no friends, they were at my side in an instant. 

Do any of you have day dreams based around significant items? 

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As a kid I would always imagine myself as this Hasbro doll that I was really impressed by. Some fairy/princess doll, I loved how beautiful she was and that she could be both, fairy and princess. I would mostly daydream this way in bed at night to help me fall asleep. When I was this young I didn't have the more specific daydreams that I have nowadays very often. 


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