This is because I didn't get enough attention right?

I have always felt like I never got enough attention from my family growing up. I didn't have many friends and struggled to make them. This formed because I was lonely right?

My parents were pretty neglectful, I had food and a bed but n0 emotional support. I felt like no one cared about me at all and felt bored and lonely often.

Did you get enough attention as a child?

Now I see people with children and get annoyed when they don't give them enough effective attention. I am not saying they need to spend every minute with them but some parents don't do enough and I find myself being angry at people I don't even know....why do I get so angry at people for not giving their kids enough attention?

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Less negative attention is better but less positive attention is not.

Seeing as MDD is a coping mechanism that could very well be the source of your need to cope. Personally, I was just a very bored child. I was the eldest and struggling with mental health problems all my life so I got plenty of attention, heck I moved out three years ago and I still get a ton of attention despite the physical distance lol. I can only really cite a desire for the extraordinary as my reasoning, and not putting away the playing make-believe when the rest of my peers did (and never doing so lol).

I remember being alone as a kid. My siblings as they always made fun of me. I chose to be alone, talk to myself and daydream...
So can't say its an attention problem.I think its a coping mechanism to not being given enough attention or negative attention

Well i dont think i got enough attention however ,my oarent were supportive but kind of busy at work all of the time and my life felt like boring alot till DD arised i think nothing  i felt i care or i love it enough..i went to school a bit late than all the children and i find them already in groups ..idk what was the problem with early friends ..was i more sensitive and less coping or they was mean ...i think mix of it wtf the summary that in early age making friends was really a suffering for me also i  am so extrovert and  i love to be wz people  so lonliness wasnt something i like....  :) 


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