I started daydreaming when I was 13. Now I am 21. My entire Teenage went into it and I didn't even realize it until now. I hate myself and I don't see Anything good in future. I have done super embarrassing stuff in front of people because of Daydreaming. Now when I think about my past, it gives me anxiety. What must these people be thinking about me ?? That I am some mad person !! 

My entire life has been depressing. Nobody ever liked me, nor does anyone like me now. I don't have friends. Life sucks. 

I am just waiting for the last day of my life.

If my life can't get better, What's the point of living ?!?!

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Try to look at it this way.

You only knew life with MD. It's been almost 10 years, it's become pretty much natural.

And yet you had a realisation and came to this forum. And you had one at 21, not, let's say, 96. And thus began your life with the realisation about MD, a new chapter. Yes, it is scary - what are you going to do now when daydreaming is all you know? Everything. Anything. If life sucks, what do you have to lose? 

You can take up a hobby, even just to abandon it after a week. You can find a job just to quit it after a month. You can move to a different city just to come back home. Or maybe something will stick and you will find your place on Earth.

Even I try to do something productive, I am not able to. I try to focus on my studies, but MaDD has become such an integral part of my personality that it's now a big part of my sub-conscious. I start DD without realizing. I have zero interest in anything else. I can't even watch a movie or listen to a single song without DD. Even When I am reading a book, A Day dream is going on in another part of my brain. There is no escape. I have become a slave of my mind. 


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