The woman who can't stop daydreaming - prime time news story on Australian Broadcasting Corporation TV

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Hi Professor Somer, What is the program that you will impart? Anyone could  be part of him?

Here is a relevant post uploaded a while ago:

As an MD researcher I have joined the list to familiarize myself with the main issues members of this community are coping with.
Clearly, the biggest concern you have been debating here relates to coping with and controlling your excessive daydreaming. 
My research team and I are planning a future research project on the development of therapy for MD.
Eligible participants in this research project who are of consenting age will get access to a free English language online intervention program that we are currently developing.
Although this project probably will not be launched before next summer, we are already preparing a list of potential participants.
If you might be interested to take part in such a project - please send me ( your full name, age, sex, location and the best ways to contact you.
The number of openings will be limited so we will accept people on a first come, first served basis.
If you would like to be considered, I suggest you write to me today.
With best wishes,
Eli Somer


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