Hello everyone!
Before I start writing this I strongly recommend you to read this book " healing the child within" for Charles Whitfield. Honestly it is life changing.
Some of the opinions below are based on my personal observations and some are based on the book.
Believe it or not, almost 99% of people have some kind of addiction, weather it was food addiction, daydreaming, video games addiction , studying addiction ( now you might disagree with me and it's totally fine, this is what I think is true, you don't necessarily have to believe in this too). Some people tend to bury themselves in books just to escape the state of being not busy, ultimately not needing to deal with all negative feelings from the past that was buried inside themselves for so long, and was brought to the surface and healed.
So please, please please, stop feeling like you were born this way, DD is a disease, you can't control this.
Nope, those assumptions are not true!
It is just your brain is trying to protect you from facing all negative bad moments saved in your memory and were not healed, that would take ANY opportunity to make you feel down, guilty , ashamed.... Ect.
The idea here is to heal your wounds, and take the responsibility to heal all your wounds, now when those wounds happened you were a child, you were a VICTEM, and this is the saddest part, many if not all of people in the world suffered at some stage or another with abandonment, bullying, physical or emotional abuse at some stage of their childhood whether they can recall it or not, it is there deep buried inside your subconscious mind. And yes you were a victim once of any type of abuse when you were a child. However, if you are reading this your are probably an adult, and now it is YOUR responsibility to heal all your wounds, please be brave enough and acknowledge that YOU are now responsible for healing ALL your wounds. Not your parents, siblings, husband, wife.. Ect.
You should take the responsibility and ONLY you,
. Address all childhood issues, and heal it one by one, it will be a long journey but it is worth it.
Your brain is just protecting you by simply putting you on a state of daydreaming just to take your focus off the unhealed wounds inside your inner child. Because guess what would happen if your focus shifted towards your wounds, ALL of them in one time?
Disaster right? You would feel all the pain in the world in your body.
That's why I strongly encourage you, to listen to inner child meditation, read inner child books, educate yourself about this topic. And start right away your healing journey.

Also, if you felt that your were raised in a perfectly stable environment, with beloved parents and had absolutely ZERO traumas.
Then let me tell you at this exact moment your ego is taking the lead, not your true-self.
Ego is not so bad, I guess it is just trying to make us feel all right and all good again, by denying the pain we have within.

Thanks for reading and I am super excited to hear what do you guys think about it XoXo
Stay blessed, healthy and happy.
If there are any mistakes please excuse my language, English is not my mother tongue.

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I think that I took my daydreaming way too far. At first, it was no big deal to me as a preteen. Regardless, when I entered adulthood, I seriously began to feel the effects, as I struggled with mental fog and concentration in the workplace. When I got older, my head began to feel very tired with headaches and I had a hard time focusing on anything. My communication was also greatly effected, so you can just imagine how many people found out and got awfully pissy. I spent a lot of time alone, so I picked up a habit of talking to my fictional characters, but outside, everybody found me completely nuts. I've quit daydreaming since I was 30, and it gradually went away with success. I still get flakes here and there. MD is so hard to get rid of. My mental and physical condition is different from when I was a kid.


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