The monster wants to come out , what to do about it ?

I've successfully managed to quit MD-ing for very long periods of time, because I live in an apartment with 4 persons and obviously I can't indulge in MD-ing, because  I am never alone. 

The problem is when I come home and I am suddenly alone when the family leaves. I am alone with my tendency to start MD-ing again and I'm going mad. I don't want to do it , I hate when I do it. The urge to do it is bigger and bigger though. I can hardly resist. I feel like a drug addict who just can't abstain from taking his dose. 

Give me advices, please.

Thanks ! 

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Well if comes up when you are alone you can go to a coffee shop or a movie theater or anything where you are in public. 

Personally I still like to indulge once in a while, but if for you complete abstinence is the only way you might need to put yourself in a position where you can't do it. People who have recovered from an alcohol addiction tend to avoid bars and "drinking" places too. 


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