Here are some random facts,that may help.....
-no one said it's going to be easy ,so whenever you fail for 5 min it doesn't meAn it's over for next 5 hours ,limit the damages as soon as possible
-why to name MD nd only deal with it from that prespectivd ,what if it's OCD ,overthinking the same thoughts over and over again,doing the same gestures and face expressions so many times ,from my personal experience looking at MD as a form of OCD really helped!
-why we love addicting MD probably becuz there life is so much better,cooler......guess what guys maybe we got it all wrong maybe our lives are way better then nothing but a bunch of illusions that would make no since in a few years or months from now.
About a year ago i wrote in this very website that i was cured ,how i truly don't know maybe just a voice that kept telling me that i was fine and yes it was the best months of my whole life, my grondmom died and i panicked,i was scared i drwan myself again in this shitty habit but nope i refuse to give i am fighter as all of you just trying feels good ,it's hard but good hard,guy i love you all and i tell you STOP DREAMING START LIVING ,cuz whatev your situation is those tiny details that you are missing are actually life,enjoy the present moment and stay strong wish you luck ,and wish me luck
Peace and love,amira

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An MD addict since 20 years ago, I've reasoned with myself to stop it altogether. It was a big mistake even starting the fantasies, because it did do a lot of damage. I didn't get far in life, in terms of a career, and I never had any relationships. I never even achieved my goals, because I was so fuzzed out in daydream land. When I turned my 30's, I was horrified at how often I got lost in my daydreams, instead of living a real life that could've been wonderful, if I hadn't been living on another planet. The losses of life opportunities that I suffered were devastating and nearly put me into a depressive state. Of course, I am very content now, but still disappointed that everything I wanted never worked out. 

Healing from MD was tough as well. I was so haunted that I would ever do something like that. At moments when at work, the horrified expression would form on my face. But nowadays, I'm feeling more positive than ever, though I wonder if things will ever pick up on a positive note after I've learned my lesson. Will I get a second chance? 

Now I can start living and with a clear mind can pay more attention to my surrounding environment. Unfortunately, it happens to be the global pandemic, so it's extremely hard to start over just now. Life is full of overcoming obstacles that way. 

Fortunately, I discovered what I may want to do with my life. Even though the job market is quite scarce, I will not press my luck and keep hunting for that ideal job. 


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