Trying to find an original reason for my daydreaming I will identify a factor that I haven't seen discussed her: I actually learned to DD at school.

I mean, surely none of my teachers would admit DD as a positive think to do, nonetheless they have encouraged me  to do so. My "problem" was I was understanding things quicker than others. That mean in a typical classroom situation the teacher was explaining something, I listened and understood the point, the teacher then keep explaining but there was no point for me to listen. In fact, if the teacher noticed I was not listening she would ask me a question. In this situation I could not answer, I hadn't heard the question. But as soon as the teacher repeated the question I could answer correctly, so the teacher would let me alone. Afterward we had some exercises to do and I when I was finish I had to seat and wait for the others.

In all that dead time I get a expert in the mechanic of pens and in the flying of flies. But even if I managed to be an expert in disassemble and reassemble pens and in caching flies it was not enough to keep me busy and quite. In some of my classes in primary school we has a reading corner I could go and seat in when finished with exercises. But no teacher never suggest I also could go there if the class get boring.

I need no music when I DD. Actually, I stop listening to any sound around me. And I neither make noise or faces. That's because I learned DD at school. I am the only one?

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I never thought of how being bored in school correlates with DD.  However I totally see it, I too was bored in school and throughout my life.  Another person on here pointed out to me a few minutes ago that we go into fantasy to either escape something or to find happiness...maybe we both tried to escape from the boredom???  

Yeah, in primary school I picked things up really quickly, so maybe it was a contributing factor? 

I also started DD when I was in primary school. But the most boring time was not the morning at school, but the afternoon with my parents. My parents both worked and they didn't want me to go to daycare with other children. So I went with either my mother who was a piano-teacher or my father to work, sit there quietly, doing my homework. This is definately a situation where you start daydreaming. When I was a bit older I spent the afternoons alone at home.

I also daydreamed at school, especially middle school and high school by which time my daydreaming had taken on maladaptive proportions. I was very good at getting my work done fast and would spend a lot of time daydreaming. By high school I had the ability to daydream while working on assignments, constantly shifting my focus back and forth between the assignment and my daydream.  I can't remember really daydreaming in elementary school, but a while ago I noticed that on my report cards some of my earliest teachers wrote that I had difficulty staying focused.


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