2 years ago i published short paragraph bout the fact that i did it i was cure!!! But oh boy I was wrong it was apparently just a placebo effect but not thus time!
Of course i reached for help from a professional (always the best thing to do) after multiple sessions she explained to me that my md was only a firm of OCD !!!so we started from there then together we discovered that my obsessive daydreaming was my coping mechanisms to deal with fear and fear was due to stress!!!et voila today i'm on escitalopram 10mg once a day .nd i cab finally see thing clearly the md really ruins us up and u know better guys
The bottom lines is what matters is not the md itself see it's just a coping mechanism don't be afraid to try finding out u r avoiding what exactly ??? And i believe from a personal experience if u know that and can handle it in the right way(with medication or not)then u have won th battle.
Sweet facd:i could be these last days without md what i couldn't be for years, a real human going thriw real stuff .good luck friends
Ps:the struggle is real i know !!plz never give up

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Hii Mira! 

I'm happy you found your way out : ) 

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I am currently trying to uncover all the things that I was avoiding. All the things that are hiding behind my Md.

I know what you mean, I do this when I'm trying to sit with uncertainty. I keep firing into a much more pleasant fantasy instead. :)


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