Some of us have been looking for a way to add polls - it doesn't seem possible to simply embed the code into posts. So, I've found an easy compromise - Straw Polls. They're easy to setup and all we have to do is add the given link to a post.

To see if this is practical, I've created a small poll through the Straw Poll site:

Gaming Genres Poll

Hopefully, this will be an easy way to do small fun polls. :)

(If this works, I'll of course run the idea by Cordelia first.)

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I like this :) seems to work.

many genres missing from that list of course, like platformers, puzzlers, simulators and tycoon games, but than again there are still so many genres left, too many to count probably :p

How did I miss platformers and sims?! And I misspelled minecraft...need to stop doing things at 4am...

Oh,'s a test poll - at least we know it works. :D



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