Has anyone thought about or told their counselor/therapist about their maladaptive daydreaming?  I kind of what to mention it next time I see my counselor but I don't want them to think I'm making it up or am just looking for excuses or something else to hide behind. Since there isn't much really known on it yet, is it safe to say most already certified psychologist aren't even aware of it (or does that make them more likely to be aware? I don't know.). 

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What grade/ how old are you? Cause im in hs and in my experience, my hs therapist doesnt really care. He just blew me off and gave me a list if child therapists to show my parents. My parents refuse to take ne cause they think its just my imagination. :(

I'm 20. And I wish i would have known about this when I was in high school because I had a really good counselor. Maybe then I would have opened up to her more about my daydreaming but we just focused on other issues. Now I have a new counselor who is good but it's hard for me to express myself in front of here -__- I don't want her to think I'm making it up and it's all in my head

Well, after I found out about MD, I went to the doctor about it (I was already seeing him a couple of times, I thought I might have minor depression, then a blood test showed I had recently had glandular fever ('cause my main problem was taking ages and ages to get to sleep), but I stumbled upon this a couple of weeks before my last visit to him and so showed it to him and he said it sounds real, and could well be what I have, and so recommended I see a therapist at a centre where they're apparently really good child/teen therapists, and so I saw Libby 6 times (and because it got worse after the EQ last year, it was considered part of the 6 weeks free earthquake counselling, lucky Mum haha) so yeah, I got it pretty lucky, she was really good about it, so yeah. I'd suggest, if you can, tell your therapist about it, give them Cynthia's study to read, (I did that and because there's been such a good study on it, it probably made it more believable than if I'd just said, "Hey, there's this disorder I found out about called Compulsive Fantasy, or Maladaptive Daydreaming, and that's what my problem must be.")

If the therapist isn't so open-minded and  doesn't help you with it, try to find another one if you can, and tell them, give them the study etc, and seeing as therapists are supposed to be open-minded, and most are, it shouldn't take you too long to find someone good.


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