I've just recently discovered the name of something I've struggled with my whole life. It's been very enlightening and reliving to know I'm not alone.

I've read about the common symptoms but i was wondering if that could maybe explain some of my other unusual behaviour?

For example, every few weeks, I have the desire to change the layout of my furniture (which drives my husband insane lol ). Is this related to my adversion to visual/mental boredom, out of which also stems my addiction?

maybe some people change their wardrobe, or their work or even their hair?


lol...or maybe im just odd? :D


do you guys have any sub-symptoms?



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If I'm not daydreaming, my mind often wanders to other things.  I will over think things and analyze them in detail.  Basically anything I find interesting or if I have some real life problem going on.  Sometimes over thinking feeds my anxiety.  Its less of a bother if I can find an activity that keeps my mind busy, which is probably why I play video games so much.  TV can be a bore, unless I can find a documentary on animals, a medical show, or history of an ancient culture, etc.  Stuff my fiance calls boring, but I find fascinating.


Also if I start organizing something I tend to go overboard.  When I was a kid, I used to organize my My Little Ponies before I could play with them.  I'm still like that with certain things.


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