Unfortunately, whenever I relapse into daydreaming I feel bad 1) because I've quit for usually long periods of time but 2) because I pace, shake, dance, and mimic whenever I do daydream.

The reason I quit was because daydreaming was making it impossible to leave my house. As a very social person, it's not normal to have to excuse yourself every 10 minutes. 

Anyways, I had a question about whether or not it is possible to change your stem and for the daydreamers who don't stem, have you ever paced/twirled anything before while daydreaming?

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My daydreaming ones are pacing up and down and swinging my spinny office chair from side to side.

I pace and gesture a lot, super embarassing. I'm very animated IRL as well, so maybe that explains the gestures. Either way, it's embarassing. I can stop pacing, but not the expressions, which is the most embarassing part


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