ok so my daydream has been the same since i was like maybe 6 or 7 (just added more characters and expanded, you know what i mean) and never daydream about anything else but lately i want too. i dont necessarily(thanks DustyRose for telling me how to spell that LMFAO) want to get rid of my old daydream, i couldnt do that, but restarting and making a whole new daydream would be really refreshing, though i would like never leave my house because id have to make up SOO MUCHH STUFF.

one time (i dont really care about explaining this daydream because it didnt go anywhere lol) i took one of my characters i already have and pretty much gave her a whole new life and she dragged race for money 
(i just finished watching 2 fast 2 furious lol) and she was a millionare and stuff but like i said it didnt go anywhere because i didnt know shit all about cars. 

i honestly dont get how people just restart and make a new daydream everyday! i guess id rather continuously expand my daydream rather than making new ones but i want to make a new one and expand it but no good ideas are comming to mee ugh


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It's because you are cutting off your old daydream too much, i've done pretty much the same as you, same characters etc.  just built on my DD. But i frequently make new ones and can keep three or more going at the same time. I change the majority of things but i keep some aspects, I keep the characters name, appearance etc. Similar or same childhood, possibly the same hobby etc. You need to link your new DD to your old one so you don't feel too overwhelmed.

I understand you. I would think how can people start over, don't you miss you old DD. But a couple of days ago I got inspiration for a new DD. So I left my old one because after 6 years I ran out of ideas. I had been dragging it on for the last couple of months but I knew that I had to let go:(

I don't delete my old dd from my head, I get inspired one day and if it sticks, keep it rolling. Sometimes I'll go back to my other one, or try a new one, or build on another. I could never get rid of any.

I am constantly experiencing new worlds and stories. The old ones don't go away but new ones pop into my head all the time. 


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