Honestly, I thought I was the only who did this. It has been a progression for me for the majority of my life, and I am in my early twenties. But lately this has been getting out of control. I will fantasize when I am with loved ones, and I will not be able to focus on them. Does anyone else do this, or is it just when they are alone?


I am also never alone. My DDs are always active so I never feel like I have any privacy. Does that sound crazy? My mind is so used to running wild, that even when I am by myself, I feel like I need to act a certain way to either entertain or accommodate the people I have in my head.


I found this site last night while researching help for these fantasies. I am not living in reality anymore. I would say that I am more enveloped in my mind than in my daily life. This isn't fair to my family (they don't know) and especially my husband who I have started to brush aside because I am too caught up in my own mind.


I want this to end.

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We all pass \ passed with this stage a lot . Don't worry . It's not crazy . It's not in our hands . Maybe knowing that u r not alone help a little bit with healing u . Actually when I read on google ppl in their 60s regret wasting their life on DD helped me a little with minimizing it. Did u try to fous ?? Set times for your dd! Arrainging ur dding times with your daily work ? Doing it Gradually may work with u.

Having a desire to end it is a good start , some ppl hate dd and don't want to End it !!! . Keep on , believe in your self believe that u can stop and u will . But don't stop at once . Stop gradually as I tried to stop and it came back worse. So try to minimize gradually. Good luck , keep us updated with ur progress. Hope to hear good from you and we r in the same boat and we will get out togeather.


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