has anyone experienced sleep paralysis here? i have. How bad is yours?

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I had sleep paralysis. It started when I was about 13 years old and it was very scary. I didn't know what this is, and nobody I told had ever heard about it. Sometimes this occured for several nights a month, then sometimes it took years until it came again. The last time was 14 years ago - I am now 48.

I have but I'm not sure if I'm dreaming or awake. I wake up and I hear things but then when I try and get up I feel like I'm too heavy to bare.. It's Been happening lately but not too recent. It is scary though
mine is something like this: I'm asleep (and during my REM sleep ) I feel like my eyes are open and I can see everything but I can't move, then can see my current surroundings. I also have a hard time breathing as if i'm choking. I read about it and found out that it may be (sleep-paralysis) because of an ''intruder''.
Also, might something to do about anxiety disorders and MD.
I just awoke from it 5 minutes ago..
Jamie cole what do you mean intruder
en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_paralysis this is for everyone to further undetstand

I have a lot of hypnagogia which is pretty much sleep paralysis but does not have the paralysis effect. I can't move often though but it's due to absolute fear and not just not being able to move.

Normally there is a shadow person kind of just standing in the corner of my room. This one time it was happening I looked up and there was a room that existed within my wall. So in this state I sort of jumped/bolted while I was lying down to attempt to go into the other room. Only I face planted the wall and woke up.

I don't have hard time breathing but I feel this enormous pressure...  I especially love that painting from Henri Fuseli, it shows just the way I feel, like you have a demon sitting on your chest. 

I get it rarely and just starting within the past few years, and I was already a lucid dreamer by then so I wasn't that afraid of it. It did throw me the first few times though and not being able to move was concerning. I've also had a shadow person standing at the end of my bed looking at me, and I tried to reach out a phantom hand to him but he just stared at me and vanished.... So mine aren't really that bad, but sometimes I feel like I'm loopier during them than a lot of people describe. Sort of like being really drunk.


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