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I've been suffering through a pretty unfortunate cold lately, and I realized something: I can barely daydream when I'm sick. Whether it's the fatigue or just the general foggy-brained feeling that sickness brings, it keeps me from doing anything DD-related (despite me being in bed for hours and staying awake all night).

In fact, I tend to become more productive when I'm sick simply because my brain is shut off from daydreaming and I need some sort of distraction from both my cold and reality itself.

Does getting sick change your daydreaming habits at all? Does it make your mind shut down (like me), or do you find yourself daydreaming even more than usual?

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Technically, fatigue from cold can deplete any cravings. You lose your appetite when ill, right? It's the same pattern. When your body is put under stress, whether from physical illness or mental straining, your CNS can get more depressed and cravings automatically become dull.

But the part about you being more productive is interesting. For some silly reason I can't figure out, my mood improves every time I'm ill. It sort of contradicts with what I said above, but I feel really motivated and euphoric when stuck in bed shaking with high fever, lol.

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