Anyone always daydream about romantic things? And if you do does it make you horny constantly? Is that normal?

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lots of daydreams involve romance. now, rather that effects you physically, may be different for different people. I wonder if it is the DD causing the feelings or the feelings leading to the DD? For example, someone in their teens when hormones are raging may have more of this type of DD. Also what is going on with your own real relationships could effect it too I would think. If romance is missing you may seek it more in DDs.

So I think it would be normal, for your DDs to effect you physically-Romantically.

Gracie, you are not alone. This happens to me, infact I have the same scenarios to help me, well, release excess energy. Sometimes though it revolves around affection. Daydreaming is mostly about fulfillment, so its just normal

Yes. Some time ago my dreams were exclusively romantic, now they've grown wider to include power, success,acceptance, fame, etc. Initially when the dreams were innocently romantic I used to feel mushy, not horny. Later on when I had more time and more media exposure, it did become sexual. It is normal IMHO since romance is romanticized for lack of a better world in mass media and provides a fertile ground for fantasies for even non-MDers and is thereby a popular template for MDers.

Yes, I totally get this!! I can relate to everything said here. And it does make me horny constantly. I've accepted it though, it leads me to try new things which is cool.

Alyssa things like what

Well, like for example, I just started getting into the fetish community around where I live recently. I've wanted to for a long time but it took a while to build up the courage to actually try to get into it. My romantic daydreams often take some kind of really kinky turn at some point and so after dreaming about it enough and actually talking to people about my fantasies I started feeling able to take that next step, and it's been really cool so far. I've also just started to think of my constant romantic dreams as maybe a way to step into trying polyamory, because I've thought that that might suit me for some time too, and that's been improving my attitude a lot lately too.... I feel like I'm just really a lot freer to be that idealized person I always wanted to be now. So I don't mind it that much anymore, as long as I force myself to stay motivated with the important things in life too. It's been a struggle but I'm finally getting to the point where I feel like I can stay on track with things so I've been trying to apply that mindset to everything.

Yes, my DD are of romantic nature. I am always the main character. Remember, I am VERY happily married and our marriage and sex life is WONDERFUL and I would never cheat on my husband, but when these dreams come....I can't stop it. I have even dreamed about being with a man who is the father of an old friend and he is like 23 years older than me. I had only met him once 30 years ago and so I don't know what he looks like, but I just dream on....It's weird and I wished I could stop, but I know that it won't be long and another dream will come along and this one will fade.....they always do, but some are just weird and I wished I knew why I do this.


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