I have been trying to not daydream for months now, it's not easy at all but I've been improving.

I have been trying to feel the loneliness, isolation and low self esteem that I try to cover with daydreams.

At the same time I have noticed that suppressing thoughts doesn't work for me, but replacing them is a lot better!

Whenever I start daydreaming I try to think about something else: what to wear at work the next day, what to cook for dinner, how to maybe solve a problem at work, some creative design I would like to paint maybe one day...

This has been helping me and I have just seen the article above on Psychology Today that says the same thing, I wanted to share it with all of you so that maybe together we can fight MDD and FEEL again and feel stronger and prouder!

I have had MDD since I was 5 or so and I'm tired... I want to be able to know when I'm actually feeling something rather than just daydreaming about a feeling.
I don't want to be so confused anymore, I want to be able to know if I'm in love...

I think our minds are fascinating, if we are able to think such incredible things, surely we must be able to replace these obsessive thoughts with something creative and amazing!

I hope it makes sense...

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