Relationships in Dreams in comparison to real life bondings

Has anybody ever wanted a relationship, wanted to find that right someone, and expected to bring
that person into your world, only to meet someone who just got angry or confused when they actually caught you daydreaming.

For example, I met a person and thought I was going to begin a relationship, but he wondered if I was OK, because I kept acting so weird.

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I think you needed to share with him what was going on with you so he could understand .
My guy won't say anything about specifics but we talk about his dreaming
Actually, I haven't seen this person for years. He was a random young guy I met for one day at a birthday party and he was 7 years my junior. He hit on me too quick, and he didn't bother to call me. He would've been too immature for this talk anyhow. Frankly, he wasn't even worth it.

Hopefully, the next one will listen to me for sure.
He will.


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