Reality vs. Day Dreams I am in a process of comparing my reality and my day dreams. Just wanted to get everybody thinking about it as well and I feel if we can compare the two we made find certain answers of how to stop. It is worth a try. First I know that in reality I never get any attention from people and deep down in my heart I am seeking everyone’s attention and in my daydreams I never seek attention but everyone just want to be around me and I am everyone’s hero. That being said I have discovered that I create my other world so I can have the things I am failing to get in reality.

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I am the same as you. In my DDs, everyone listens to me as I talk--they hang onto my every word. IRL, no such thing. I am invisible, but I am too spiteful to speak. I also have fantasies where I am greatly resourceful, pick up esoteric knowledge with ease, and have great (magical) powers. IRL, I am weak, too distracted to obtain knowledge successfully, need to get a grip on my eating habits, and need great inspiration to move, haha... I am basically a thing living in a hole... I need to struggle to climb up, but how do I go about starting to climb?

Exactly the same. I think I may also have an Avoidant personality. I crave being connected but I am so socially awkward and I make so many social faux pas and it is just easier for me to imagine I am who I desire to be. However, I also find my DD helps to figure out things and I guess I see myself as actively trying to make my DD reality.

I too am extremely socially awkward in real life but am the center of attention in my fantasy world.  I've actually incorporated some of my social issues into my fantasy world.  My character is on the Autism spectrum, like I am, but she's managed to live with it and create a wonderful life anyway.  She's so wise and talented that everyone craves to be around her, and no one cares that she doesn't understand social cues or metaphors or sarcasm.  

I never considered this before, but it makes sense. I have to start comparing my day dreams with my reality.

There is no comparison. There has never been any comparison.  My DDs are so much better than any reality I could possibly have had, that it's beyond description. In my DDs, I'm smart and beautiful and talented and friendly and  eloquent and  have tons of energy and am well loved and admired by many people. In reality, I'm just NOT.


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