Are your daydreams more realistic, about regular people going about regular lives in our world or a version of our world that works the same, or are they more fantasy/sci fi like with aliens and magic?

My main daydream is completely normal but it hasn't always been normal, it started out a bit more weird, but I ironed out all the unrealistic bits a few months after it started. Like at the very beginning, when it was just the real person I had a crush on and her real kids...but I wanted things to be a bit more interesting, so I added a kid (who is now nearly 14 as they age in real time). She was ten years old (it started a few weeks before her 11th birthday), and I decided that she was some kind of magical clone of my daydream girlfriend that showed up one day. Then as I started writing things down, I realised just how impossible that would be and how this is supposed to be in our universe, but in an alternate timeline, but something like that is not going to work. I then decided that she would be the daydream girlfriend's child that she had with an ex, who he had custody of, but then he died and she came to us.

Then there was how the first group of six kids joined the family. Originally we met the kids, who were part of a cult and got speaking to one of the kids, who revealed that she wanted to escape from the cult, and that her parents were abusive, and we ended up helping her escape and talking her parents into letting us keep her and her siblings. Then when I was writing it down, it seemed a bit unlikely for a parent to just hand over their children to be raised by people who are the opposite of them politically, and the custody of a bunch of kids aged between 3 and 15 is more complicated than just giving your kid to someone. Then I changed the story to allow them to come in a more normal way, with the parents being reported for abuse, they went into hiding but some of the kids ran away and went to find their long lost family (us), who ended up being allowed to keep them.

Its funny, cause my other daydream started out normal, but it has gradually become more supernatural as the main character discovers she has some degree of supernatural powers that at first came out by accident when her life was in danger, that right now she cannot control. Other than Alyssa's abilities, it is completely normal though.

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My daydreams do involve the supernatural but they're not over realistic. I don't have any that would be realistic at all though.

My day dreams are realistically unrealistic, if you know what I mean. All my characters are completely human, they have no superpowers (besides a prophet whom I will explain later). All the laws of physics are being followed etc. With one exception being a human's ability to live forever ergo it being sound science. I try to make all the characters as human as possible. They live out human lives and make human choices with human consequences. 

Hm, my main current plot is set in the world of warhammer 40k so it's certainly not realistic, but instead of it being awesome, superhuman creatures doing awesome, superhuman things, I'm focussing on two normal human characters and what life is like inside a huge spaceship in a galaxy where a lot of horrible things can happen to you.

My other plot is about a fallen angel discovering what it means to be human. So there is some supernatural stuff there but it is very much in the background of things. 

It is strange because I daydream a lot of daily life stuff (raising children, grocery shopping) but that only seems to interest me when it is in a setting with supernatural characteristics. In reality I find daily life boring and disappointing, I need that kind of "supernatural" element. 


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