Hey everyone. I just stumbled across this. A 60 year old man told a mother to make her baby "shut up" calling the baby a "nigger" and when the baby wouldn't stop crying, he actually went over and slapped the child leaving a scratch underneath his eye. Now there's a petition to get this man by the name of Joe Rickey Hundley to prison. No child as young as he deserves to be put through this. This isn't only about racism, it is the civil rights and safety of a child. Please everyone, take the time to sign this. I'd really appreciate it.


Thank you.

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Yeah I agree with Elude on this one. Of course what he did was wrong but I'm not going to act hastily with something like this. I'm sure there are many people who witnessed this and so they will provide evidence against him. 

Was he in a bad mood?

Does he have a mental illness?

I'd like you hear his side of the story too.

EludeMyFantasies said:

Okay why would people sign this petition. The man has to have a trail and evidence brought against him and then sentenced if proven guilty. I'm not going to sign a petition like this because he has yet to be convicted. I am not a jury or a judge, especially when it comes to his lively hood.

Don't get me wrong the man could be guilty as hell and if he is deserves jail time for assault and to lose his job. However this is not for me to decide. It is funny how quick people like to jump on the hate bandwagon. 

I get where you're coming from but I'm just trying to help. But I advise you to at least read what this is about before making a judgment. What we're trying to do is make this man get punished more than his few months in jail and send a serious message that says it's a serious crime to hit a child. We want him to be banned from flying Delta Airlines and his name should appear on a national flying registry so that no other children are put in harm's way by being seated next to him. That's all this is, as for whether he did it or not, there's many witnesses that saw him. And one even directly stood up against him during the act. Signing the petition might not make the most serious changes, but it at least gives the message that the public as a whole will not tolerate crime against a child, or in this case racism. 

No he was drunk while this happened. He's just a racist 60 year old man that should've known better. 

Jeremy Er said:

Was he in a bad mood?

Does he have a mental illness?

I'd like you hear his side of the story too.

I really don't understand why the op is being encouraged to consider all of the possible reasons as to why this old degenerate might have hurt a child. Why does it matter? Oh, he might have been in a bad mood? Next time I'm in a bad mood, I'm going to slap some random kids, slur racial epithets at them, then explain that I'm just feeling a little blue. Perfectly reasonable response to stress!

I've been discriminated against many times but I always try and understand the other persons point of view. That person could be angry at someone else or deeply hurt by something and unfortunately they choose to throw prejudice insults at me because they can. They might not actually be homophobic.

Emotions are dangerous things and I choose to ignore them when making rational and logical judgments. The guy will get the punishment he deserves. I've stated I don't agree with what he has done regardless of why he did it but I'm not gonna get defensive about something when I don't know all the details. The old guy did wrong and the law is handling it. If perhaps they did nothing I might be more inclined to do something but it's in the hands of the law right now.

Thanks.  I signed because even though he was drunk, I hate hearing of an adult abusing a child. Apprently he has a history of beinbg abusive to people too.

Did you read this from an article or just through this petition?



Sorry I can not find the other link which speaks about his background and history of being abusive.


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