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Quick Question. [I know it's wierd but... eh.]

Have you ever fell in love with one of your daydream characters? This has happened to me before and I felt so weird because I knew he wasn't real and yet I wouldn't give him up. And I don't mean someone in real life you put into your dream, I mean someone you completely made up.

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Haha. I know. It's very embarrassing but I did it once and had to remind myself that he wasn't real.
yep i have definitely had this happen to me. where else better to find your perfect guy than in your dreams, right? lol.
I try not to go into detail about my dreams.  It's still really personal to me.......but suffice it to say YES, big-time.  I've had the same persistent daydream world for over 20 years, and he came in when I was in my teens.  Best relationship ever.  Lol.

yes, yes I have, a personal shame of mine.

but then again I'm the sort who falls in love at the drop of a hat xD

Never fallen in love, infatuated at best and only for a short amount of time, maybe a week. And that was before the age of 17 or so.
YES. I feel really horrible about it. I don't even understand how it all started. But I love him but he's not real...and it feels really awkward writing that, haha. Especially being in high school where couple are everywhere, I just want to feel loved by someone and the only person that can really do that for me is someone I made up. I'm afraid though, that loving someone who isn't real will interfere with possibly loving or even just dating someone in the future.
Please try not to be too hard on yourself.  This is a beautiful, creative thing first.  We have enormous capacities to love, so much capacity that we can love even without someone being there.  We can create whole (and I mean complete, multi-faceted) beings in our own minds that are so great that we fall completely in love with them.  I think most writers and other creative people fall in love with their characters to a degree.  Why did JK Rowling get so depressed after writing the last Harry Potter book?  Every interview I've read about a writer or any creative person who worked on a project so intensely talks about the deep, real love they have for their characters.  Our characters are with us all the time.  It's only natural we'd fall in love with them.  What else were they created for if not for us to feel in ways the outer world wasn't providing?  True, if we get too caught up in them and don't create an outer world, that can cause problems............but life will never get better until you can accept and work WITH your heart and mind instead of against them.  If you judge yourself, you'll only push yourself in further.  Use what you've got.  It's pretty magical.


Hmm...I am sort of voyeuristically in love with this couple in my daydreams. Since I don't exist in my daydreams, it's impossible for "me" to be in love with a character. But I often project ideas about love onto this couple, and whats even better (or not!) is that I can alter their status anytime I want.....some days I want them to get married, other days they are just living together. 

I can also tell you that I am in crazy lust with the father of my main character. Haha! I hope that isn't too strange :P

I have done this so many times over the years that it's not even funny. In high school, I was desperate for love and I just wished that for just once I would be able to experience a meaningful relationship with a girl. It wasn't happening. Girls in school were just not interested in me, which was frustrating and saddening. 

There were various anime/cartoons that I was watching at the time, and there were quite a few characters that I found very attractive. I would get so romantically obsessed with them that I would constantly daydream about going on dates with these different characters. This was literally the only thing I would think about. Even when I went out somewhere with my family, I would pretend in my mind that one of them is right there with me. However, this daydreaming would involve staring at their pictures to keep their images fresh in my mind. I would have to keep going to google images and searching for them.

In the recent years I have started to create my own characters, and still continue to do the same thing with them from time to time. Doing this makes me feel a euphoric, blissful happiness for a moment, only to eventually be reminded that in reality none of it was real.

It is beyond words how embarrassed I feel about all of this...





Well, not "in love". I know that he (the one I keep going back too / most common "RL" universe) isn't real, but, to quote Cordelia, I do have the perfect present/future relationship with him. He isn't perfect and has evident faults (which is fine, because I also have them), and sometimes we fight and things screw up, but at the same time my "other-self" loves him, because she loves to talk with him, be with him and he complements her very well.


In real life I've never been fortunate enough to find someone like that. Not that I care (much!) , because it would be unfair to expect someone to be like my "ideal" (even though my "ideal" also has faults) though I do have hope that some approximation might exist and that someday I might find it. Then I'll convince it that I'm the best thing that ever happened to it (well, he, not, it!), and he'll learn to accept my crazy self.


*sigh* Yes, I'm too much of a hopeless romantic. But then if you're going to dream, dream big. ^__~

yes, i havent had a daydream where i HAVENT loved somebody since.. well puberty! haha i guess that makes sense! but yes for the past 3 years about my daydreams have consisted of the same 2 or 3 people ive made up where were ALWAYS in love... what does this mean? i guess im lonely. or maybe subconciously i think ill never find somebody.. meh.

Yes, I am also in love with a character that I made up. In my mind I created this girl who is the most beautiful girl in the world (to me). I created her years ago and I have never let her go since. Funny thing is, I don't image myself being with her because I feel so ashamed of myself. Every time I tried to imagine myself I always think of this sad pathetic loser who  don't deserve to be with anyone really, let alone the most beautiful girl in the world. Yes, I know, I have low self-esteem. But on the other hand, I can't imagine her being with someone else either, because I would feel "hurt" by it. lol. I know, I'm such a weirdo.

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