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I have a general question about how everyone acts when working in a team, this question is partially inspired by the Belbin test which some of you (like myself) have done at the start of a new job for example. In my first Belbin test I got a mix of the “Plant” type and “Completer Finisher” type. The Plant is the type of person who is creative and contributes ideas to a group, whilst a Completer Finisher as the name suggests is someone who is a perfectionist you could say, making sure that a team task in finished even if the rest of the team members have lost interest you for example. In my most recent Belbin test these two things were still fairly high but I actually got “Resource Investigator” as my highest score, a person who contributed to a project by networking and finding resource with excitement but can actually lose interest towards the end of the project. You’re Belbin score is only a rough guide to how you work in a team and can change over time (as mine has through my experience as an apprentice).

Overall, I would love to know if anyone in this discussion has a) taken a Belbin test and has similar results or b) can describe how they work. In a meeting for example, I can go without talking for a long time until I have found something genuinely constructive to say and I would be interested to see if those with MD contribute in the workplace in a similar way.

You can add anything else you think is relevant to :) For reference if you want to talk about the 16 personality test also I am an INFP.


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Btw sorry for the spelling and grammar errors I was typing fast haha


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