Fantasies are always pleasant and pleasurable . Google and wikipedia describe daydreaming also as always pleasant. Is that accurate? Let's say you daydream in science class about something bad that happened yesterday. Unpleasant feelings and emotions involved. Is that still a daydream?

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I'm not sure about this one scenario, but to me I don't think my negative daydreams are so black and white so mine at least arguably still fit the description. I had a phase where my daydreams were nothing but morbid and that's what I enjoyed. It's still fun to revisit some of these scenarios. They are pleasant in a way, even if experiencing them in reality would be awful. Perhaps because I wonder what it's like to experience that, or that something unpleasant yet exciting is still better than this emptiness I feel. 

Fantasies and daydreams come in different genres to please different emotions. Comedy, Drama, Romance, Action, Adventure, Horror, Sexual, etc. Yours seem to be horror but still pleasurable just like horror films

Daydreams can be pleasant or a nightmare. I've had bad fantasies and my mom often noticed and wondered what exactly goes on in that head of mine.

So then why are official definitions describing them as always pleasant? Is your "bad fantasy" now considered a nightmare?

Definitions are always changing on the internet, a bad fantasy is another term for a day mare. Day-mares are the opposite of daydreams. Depending on your life experiences and the genre of your daydream, it can become positive or negative. Not everything about dreams are pleasurable.

Even my gross, bad daydreams are ‘pleasurable’. It’s weird.

Yeah, when I was a kid, I dreamt up the weirdest, grossest and stupidest things, enough to make others cringe.

Sometimes when my anxiety flares up, I start picturing the worst and most upsetting case scenarios. I know it’s bad for me and I want to stop, but something in me drives me to keep picturing upsetting situations vividly, I guess for some sort of closure or to (as my mind tricks me into believing) mentally “prepare me”. It’s not that bad for me and they’re nowhere near as detailed as my fantasies and daydreams, but when they occur they they can put me in an upset mood for a while, or it can drive me to drive people mad with what-if questions. I don’t know if this is particularly what you mean, but it counts as obsessively visualizing during waking hours that has an emotional effect.

When I work at my desk, I tend to picture the most awful and upsetting stories ever. I'm trying to feel better lately, because I had it bad for a while, and my fantasies will return to make me feel so much worse, causing my feelings to fluctuate. To solve this I listen to smooth and relaxing meditation music and hold onto my energy crystal. I'm not that verbally expressive, so nobody knows what I typically go through. So, I'm totally of suffering in silence.


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