gonna try to make this as brief as possible - 

i think  daydreaming (at least in my case) has a lot to do with having power over things. you can create whatever you want, do whatever you want, and say whatever you want. and if it doesn't work out, you can start all over like it never happened. it's like making up for the lack of control you have in real life. what do you think?

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Affirmative. But I think we need to transfer that control and the basic act of 'applying ourselves' to real life. Ofcourse I say that from my perspective but I feel pretty similar; I fail to apply myself in real life so I do that in my day dreams. Read Eretaia's post, it helped me.

Yes, that makes sense. Sometimes the only power we have -- or think we have -- in real life is to withdraw from it.

I guess it is. Being powerfull is fun :) we're basicly omnipotent in our heads

Mmm...not so much in my case. Don't get me wrong, I kinda like the predictability of everything, but the power isn't the main thing for me...it's about the creativity and seeing the world in a new way.

Interestingly, that 'power trip' feeling isn't unique to MDers...most writers and artists use they're talents to have convey and control. An artist who paints a forgotten love, dreams that she'll be with him again, the writer who builds fantasy worlds, wishes they could be slaying dragons, the philosopher who ponders an utopia, wishes for a fairer world, the director who places a dystopian wasteland on screen, is trying to make sense of the fall of man.

Creativity is addictive, and since our brains never 'shuts off' the parts that makes it possible, we're always within that 'magical state' (only we're not...it's complicated) - we're where most creatives would kill to be (we just can't always make our MD work for us unfortunately). I've always seen the 'empowerment' through MDing as one of the most 'normal' things about us. ;)

(Maybe I see it this way, because neither my 'world' or my characters are perfect - I use my MD to examine the emotions and reactions of my flawed characters to situations - whether those be....sad, happy, menial or important. And I've said this many times - I don't have a sense when I'm DDing of 'controlling' anything, I just let my mind float, provide the soundtrack and I sit back and watch the 'movie'. We're all differently wired I suppose. :) )

I don't think of my day dreams as a place for control and power, but for creativity. I am comfortable with what my current situation is in my real life so I have no need for a power control so to speak. I do it because creating whole worlds is fun for me and a great stress reliever.

Well in my case;

power = creativity.

I'm just as cretive in my head as I am irl, but I don't have the power to actually make my creative ideas like I can in my head. So even though I am like Bee and Richard, I would still say power has a lot to do with it. Otherwise I would have made many more creative things irl already.

I definitely agree. It also helps coping with situation in which I feel weak/powerless

Yep. Definitely power tripping most of the time. I guess it's normal for a meek person like me to fantasize about every single incident of real or imagined slights. I just think it prevents me from doing something about it in real life, and that's where it gets pathological. It's literally one of my only coping mechanisms. I could do literally anything else about it; rant to a friend, write it down, actually talk back for once... But no!

No, I for some reason absolutely have to pace back and forth in my room, occasionally making snarky sounds to the horror/amusement of my senior neighbors. Even my cat starts running back and forth with me when it's having a boring day.


I wish I was normal.

interesting thoughts, everyone. i've enjoyed reading them.


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