Just wondering, did anyone else like to play pretend when they were younger?

Personally, I wasn't a big fan of it, especially because playing pretend almost always meant playing Mums&Dads (or Homes, or Families, whatever you called it) and I hated playing that (I don't know why). Though if we played pretend something else, it was usually pretty good.

There was one friend, though, when I was ten, who I liked to hang out with at school, (and out of school) because sometimes we played pretend and we'd be dragons or horses, or we'd have pet bookworms (our whole group of four actually played the last one). She left the next year for another school and then I didn't see her again until late last year, and she's changed a lot, and I don't think I'd really play pretend anymore either. Though honestly? I think if she would, I might. She was actually the only person I ever really enjoyed playing pretend with.

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When I was little all I did was play pretend. When I was younger I would play Power Rangers with my little brother, and then at age 10 I would drag him out of bed at 5am to play Eragon (a book series I loved) out the back.

With a friend in kindergarten, we used to pretend one of us was tied to a railway and the other had to rescue them (I think it was from some Loony Tunes cartoon we watched at some time).

With my best friend, we had so many different imaginary games that I can't keep up. For two years straight (years 4 & 5) we pretended we had pet dragons who visited us every night, and that we were really witches who would be going to Hogwarts. We would also ride around on our rollerblades pretending we were a bakery delivery service, we played Harry Potter, and in another world of our own creation.

And then with my cousin, me and my brother and her were magical creatures who breathed underwater and had superpowers. We all belonged to different 'tribes' who were at war but we were friends. It was very a very elaborate world :)

This was right up until year 7 when I moved away, and not long before I started daydreaming. All pretend games stopped then, but they were a big part of my childhood. And I hated playing Mums & Dads as well :)

Yes I played pretend as a child. Most of the time it was by myself but sometimes I played with my brother. I reenacted Power Rangers, shows that I've seen, and fairytales.

I played with paper people as a child. I drew them, cut them out and created personalities for them. It was very fun. I also played with Barbies, in which I would go to creative extremes in building their homes. We couldn't afford the $100 barbie house so I resorted to using books to create walls, made couches out of my t-shirts and used shoe boxes as their cars. I think I'm still doing this now days via MD, but it's all conveniently played out in my head instead of using tangible objects. I think there's a connection between playing pretend as a young kid and developing MD in mid childhood. Hmmm.... ;)

i did and i loved it and i was always inventing new pretend games  that my friends never thought of and i would suggest new ones to them like pretending to be pirates and all sorts  i now realise it may be because of my md that i was always thinking up new ones so easily i also did pretend stuff for my little cousins when i was waching them when i was a little girl  and they were toddlers i would always think up stuff for them like puppet shows to keep them entertained

I played pretend a lot with my siblings. My sister and I loved dolls, and we would build elaborate environments in our room (such as a full-sized kitchen) to play in. We would often play pretend when we were cleaning up our room (which we always seemed to be doing, lol). Our stories were often very elaborate, although I always got very frustrated because my sister never let me make up any of the stories. I would sometimes lay on the floor and hold onto the leg of my bed, making the sound of wind, like I was blowing away, although most of the joy I got out of that was in annoying my sister, lol. My brother and I would play Harry Potter and detectives, which was a lot more fun than playing with my sister, because we both contributed to the plots of our fantasies. Sometimes all three of us would play pretend, but my sister always led the way.
I played pretend with my sister but she doesn't have MD...I called it hey bet friends we would play more than three characters as if its real life we would intricately describe their clothes makeup hairstyle and we eventually stopped and that's when my MD occurred


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