Nice forum discussion about MBTI types made me think that there are certain predispositions to day-dreaming. Wonder, if you did any personality tests, learnt anything interesting about you from them and what it was. I also believe that there are certain patterns in personality of day-dreamers, which either cause day-dreaming or are outcome of day-dreaming. All can be classified. Ok, blame me for intolerance and tell that we are all individuals but, really, looking for patterns, learning and making classifications is a lot of fun and can help to learn more about ourselves. And even predict something. Or... maybe, this is just a part of me responsible for forecasting and analysis from 9 to 5 speaks :)


There are two solid tests I found: self-esteem and big five. They are quite long but, maybe, one get interested. Would be great if share the results, so we can look at patterns. By no mean I treat this forum as experimental lab (I don't even have qualifications). Just curious.


Self-esteem test:


Scored 84 out of 100.


Big five test:


Taken advanced test.

Neuroticism - 2, Extraversion - 72, Openess to Experience - 77, Agreeableness - 9,  Conscientiousness - 69.

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I have hypothesis that we would score high on Openness and low on Agreeableness + very high or very low on self-esteem. Looking at description of Openness and Agreeableness, it seems that Openness IS about vivid imagination and Agreeableness is about (problems with) social relations. At least wikipedia says so :)

But we will see.



  • I have a rich vocabulary.
  • I have a vivid imagination.
  • I have excellent ideas.
  • I am quick to understand things.
  • I use difficult words.
  • I spend time reflecting on things.
  • I am full of ideas.
  • I am not interested in abstractions. (reversed)
  • I do not have a good imagination. (reversed)
  • I have difficulty understanding abstract ideas. (reversed)


  • I am interested in people.
  • I sympathize with others' feelings.
  • I have a soft heart.
  • I take time out for others.
  • I feel others' emotions.
  • I make people feel at ease.
  • I am not really interested in others. (reversed)
  • I insult people. (reversed)
  • I am not interested in other people's problems. (reversed)
  • I feel little concern for others. (reversed)


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