Yesterday, I decided to start writing in my journal whenever I felt the urge to daydream. I haven't daydreamed since that time (although I've wanted to) the feeling goes away when I write it down.

Have any of you tried this? Has it helped?

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I tried this a few years ago, and it worked at first, but eventually backfired on me. The journal ended up being filled with stories/reflections/drawings all about my daydreams, and it quickly became a trigger for me and made me want to daydream even more.

So I guess as long as you write about things other than daydreaming, I think it could be a really helpful distraction. 

I've been keeping that in mind. Not only because I don't want to make the journal a trigger but also I keep my journal with me everywhere and my friends tend to be...nosy. So I definitely will not write my daydreams, but why I want to daydream at that moment.

Yes, its has worked for me in the past. It was successful for the two days or so that I did it. Then I got lazy.
I now want to write about my activities every few hours to account for what I've done.

I never tried that but I can see how it would work. It creates some distance between the daydream and you and helps you unplug a bit.


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