Does anyone else repeat the same daydream sequence over and over until they feel like its "perfect" or until it just gets incredibly boring? I don't know if this is typical, or if its just my perfectionist tendencies getting in the way of literally everything. 

Thanks for any input.

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That tends to happen to me too. Whenever that happens, I end up starting at a different point within the daydream that seems close enough to perfect and just go from there. It becomes annoying.

it happens and is really annoying.

Yeah, I do it all the time. Sometimes it's strangely fulfilling like you're trying to fill every hole and crack; other times it gets super annoying.

As I understand it, repeating the same sequence is an essential element of this disorder. All of my stories last for years. The longest running is at least 6 years and counting.

I re-play the most emotional and addictive scenes over and over - as long as they feel pleasant. When they aren't anymore, I usually switch to my another DD theme. I have several major themes ('theme' = a separate imaginary setting and characters for DDng), so when I gwt bored of one, I switch to anther one. Meaning I still can go back to the previous one, when I havent used it for much time. Sometimes new ones appear, sometimes the old ones start intersecting or having 'spin-offs'. And yep, each of them has its own triggery characters and their moments.

Yes omg , I do this all the time. It seems like I am not satisfied with how the "story" went, so I just keep restarting it.

I'll find myself changing certain details of the daydream or specific outcomes multiple times until it has the right tone to it.

I never thought of it as "perfecting" but I do play the same scenario over and over with slight variations. Sometimes I come to a dead end and have to wait until something happens in real life that triggers the desire to go back into it. Sometimes in the dream, I'm witty, smart and vivacious; other times, I'm a victim; hurt or sick in some way and I'm being taken care of.

Okay, yes. My daydreams revolve around media like books and music and such. Usually a certain scene goes with a certain song and each song has, at this point, roughly twenty scenes. In long car rides, I will literally start a song and get a scene ready, but then I'll decide to tweak it and start the song over and see how I like it like that. I repeat until the scene is "perfect" (knowing full well I'm going to have to do that process over again) and move on to the next song.

I do that all the time. It is so annoying. 

I consider it as a OCD sympton...

Any anti-obsessional drugs are helpful.

Sequence? Not really. A couple very important scenes I'll repeat just because I enjoyed them a lot and I tend to learn new things that happened that I can use in the future/present daydream. Mostly I'm daydreaming new scenes. However, I do notice sometimes I will repeat a snippet of dialogue mid-daydream until the wording or delivery is to my liking then continue the scene.


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