Hi, I`m from Brazil and I`m 21 years old. Like an year ago, I realized that Maladaptive Daydream was the responsible for keeping me from having a normal life and from creating strong bonds with people. I saw myself alone and completely anxious when in public. Therefore I chose MD as the number one villain that is distancing me from my goals.

I started to search for meditation guides on the internet, after a childhood friend suggested it to me. I found a "homemade" guide from a teacher on youtube which I started to follow. She teached many techniques to switch off from the normal world which can lead to a peace state that you may never have felt before.

Results are: even though Daydreaming is still a bad part of my life, now I realize much more often when I`m fantasizing during the day and can call it off. I bagen to notice how strongly must I stay in the present, even though my head is way more amusing.

I hardly recommend that you go after medidation, even if not on internet, maybe next to your house there`s a spiritual center, I don`t know. The point is: start to medidate, even if you think you cannot, I garantee you can. 

There is an app (at least for Iphone) called Pacifica. it is a Mindfulness tool that can also be very helpful, I am a mindfulness fan as well.

Anyway, wish you the best luck!

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could you share the youtube links here


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