Peculiar images and voices... does anyone else experience this?

I've noticed some weird things that keep happening, but I'm not sure if they're all related to MD, because I've never seen anyone on here mention anything like what I'm experiencing. They're hard to explain, but I'll try my best. Let me know if you can relate to any of them.

1. It happens a lot when I'm doing something mundane, like putting on my makeup in the morning. Out of nowhere, people start talking, music starts playing, and images appear. Most of the time, it's a movie, TV show, or commercial I've seen or a piece of music I've heard, and it automatically is played in my head, like I had it recorded. It's not something I consciously do—it just starts on its own and I often don't notice until I realize how weird it is. It's very much like a typical daydream, except I don't really control what I see or hear. And I don't actually "hear" or "see" anything—just like a daydream. But it's most certainly not a daydream. I think almost everyone can relate to having music "stuck" in their head. It's just like that, except it's not always music, and doing something monotonous seems to trigger it, like my brain is entertaining itself, lol.

2. Sometimes I enter an ambiguous, sort of "half-daydream" mode. I don't know how else to explain it. It usually happens when I'm doing other things, but I want to daydream too, so whenever I get a chance to be alone, even if it's for a few seconds, I interact with my characters, but we don't actually say anything real. I glance over at them, smile, and laugh. When we "talk", it's like garbled speech. They say something garbled, and I say something garbled back. I have no idea what we're talking about. I can do this in my head too, and not just by acting it out.

3. This one may not be related to MD at all, because I know one of my sister experiences something like this, and she doesn't have MD. I think it only happens when I'm tired. When I close my eyes, random images appear, sometimes accompanied by sound, although like #1, I can't actually "see" or "hear" anything. What I see usually makes no sense at all. Sometimes I have no idea what it is. Sometimes it's startling or utterly grotesque, like a monster or a distorted face. I've had the same thing happen when I had my eyes open, too, and the room was completely dark.

Well, I hope I made at least a bit of sense, lol. Can anybody relate?

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Number two happens a lot with me. As a few characters speak another (non-existent) language, I can speak it too, so if I don't really have anything specific to be said, just there to be some sort of speaking, we'll be speaking random sounds in that language. 

I also use the other language if I sorta want to explain something to another character, but can't be bothered actually explaining the whole thing, so there's either this quick, other-language dialogue, or I just sorta skip past the explanation and onto the reaction. Aaaaaaaand that second part was kinda off-topic.

Your experiences in #2 are part of my MDD, definitely.  I have always done that when I am not in a private place where I can pace or really let myself sink into the DDs. It's like I have to "touch base" with my Other Life and Other Self even if it's briefly, like walking up the hall to get coffee at work. 


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