Lol when I day dream I am able to put a pause to the story if I am interrupted but I just can not wait for the person to be of my side so that I can play the fantasy again.

I sometime do researches on certain topics that are taking place in my fantasy so that I can have a more meaningful fantasy. I sometimes choose the clothes I would wear on the internet for any occation that is currently taking place in my day dreams

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I think we should be using this time researching things that form part of our reality. day dreaming is fun and yes makes one feel happy and in control but reality remains that it is not a real thing.

I do the same. I don't like to have "plot holes" in my DD's. It actually angers or irritates me to have some stupid part of the story that I can't come up with something to move it forward in a more meaningful way. I have a major internal editor and that editor is really anal retentive!!!! LOL

If something exciting is happening I pause. Otherwise the daydream just goes on without me. Pausing the daydream is actually really hard. Sometimes if I don't pause I just make up what I was doing at that time in the daydream later. Other times my characters actually ask me "Hey, where were you? Did you suddenly go to that alternate universe again?" (I told my characters that the real world is an alternate universe and that I was born there to explain my long absences to them.)


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