Dear list members,

As an MD researcher I have joined the list to familiarize myself with the main issues members of this community are coping with.
Clearly, the biggest concern you have been debating here relates to coping with and controlling your excessive daydreaming. 
My research team and I are planning a future research project on the development of therapy for MD.
Eligible participants in this research project who are of consenting age will get access to a free English language online intervention program that we are currently developing.
Although this project probably will not be launched before next summer, we are already preparing a list of potential participants.
If you might be interested to take part in such a project - please send me ( your full name, age, sex, location and the best ways to contact you.
The number of openings will be limited so we will accept people on a first come, first served basis.
If you would like to be considered, I suggest you write to me today.
With best wishes,
Eli Somer

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The full name and location part is matter of concern. You will have to offer some reassurance regarding the privacy of participants. 

I want to be part of your research, but can I make up a new email address and use a pseudonym? I am wondering if your research is associated with a particular university, that is it a university in Israel, and would that mean that participants from 'certain' countries will not be able to access some of the links you might use. I am in country where some or maybe most website/links with Isrl domains are inaccessible.

You've come to the right place though. You should also get in touch with Cordelia who owns/runs this forum. She has highlighted in the past that the cost of maintaining this forum has been too high for her.

Dear Aquarius,

Participants from Muslim countries are most welcome to take part in the study. I will consult with my IT experts if we could use offshore servers. however, please use a VPN service from which you could get an IP from any country. This will get you access to all Israeli sites.

You can stay anonymous, but for research purposes we would like to know your location.

Pleas contact at my email address provide above for further information. Please also copy and pate our correspondence here, for my reference.



Sent details on email, when can we expect to hear back?


Can you offer more details about the program?

Not yet. We are now planning the intervention modules and ways to automate them online. If you sign up, we'll let you know all the details so you can provide an informed consent. Best, Eli

Hi Dr. Somer. I've always been excited about your research, but your blog post has puzzled me. Why would admission into a survey be first come first serve? Wouldn't the sample be misleading if a disproportionate number of individuals from one demographic or another answered first?  I hope you do not take offense to my question.

No offense taken. We will ascertain that the applicants meet the proposed diagnostic criteria for MD and than we plan to determine the extent to which they respond to a particular intervention. We are currently looking at ways to expand our research sample so anyone wishing to be considered may still apply by mail ( with contact information + gender, age and location data.

Dr. Somer,

Do we have to state our full names? Also do we have to be in certain countries to join? For Example, can i join if I'm from the USA?

Hi, uou will ultimately be asked  to sign a consent form, however, there is no way for us to know if you provide a real or sham name. The treatment project will be online so you can take part from anywhere. 


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