So, this is going to be a sort of.... Strange question. But, I really need to ask. Has anybody else here had any sort of extreme "paranormal" experiences or "paranormal" sensitivity whether in the past or now?


Most of what I know about my experiences was told to me by my parents. But, apparently, I was a very strange, almost scary child. I have one younger sibling, but, my parents revealed to me when I was about 10 I was supposed to have one older sibling, an older sister. She had been a stillborn. When I was between 2 and 4 years old, I would always say these strange things... When we went driving as a family in Philadelphia, my parents remember very vividly that, on one occasion, I pressed my face up against the window in the backseat and just stared out the entire time. The only thing I said the entire ride was when we were stopped at a red light and I was facing an old boarded up building dead on. All I said was, "That's where all the people died." I'd always say weird, creepy things like that. My parents didn't really know how to take it.

The worst of it, though, was when, apparently, I'd speak with my dead older sister in our house. Usually, I'd sit on the stairs and mumble very quietly to myself for hours and hours. Finally, I came to my mother and told her that "the girl I've been talking to" said that I was supposed to take her place and keep the family safe since she couldn't stay. I even called her by name, Catherine. My mother was completely terrified (Y'know, all of this mixed with my other MD-like behavior.) and seriously considered having me checked by a psychologist. Shortly after my younger brother's birth, my strange behavior (regarding the paranormal) became much less severe.

There were other, lesser experiences as I got older, but I was never quite that "sensitive" again. So,I guess my question is: Do you think this has anything to do with MD? Has anyone else had similar experiences?

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I can't really  say anything about 'paranormal activity'- as I don't believe in the paranormal. But I think, like most people who DD, I have a vivid imagination which certainly contributes to things that have happened. My imagination is a pretty dark place.

I wont go into too much detail and bore you, but I had experiences this time last year when I thought people where in my room at night (I wasn't sleep walking). I'd recently moved in to a flat living by myself, my previous house that I shared with a friend was burgled not long before I moved out. All these things were obviously affecting me somehow as the first time it happened I *thought* I saw someone open my bedroom door, and they had broken in. I almost knocked myself out jumping out of bed and screaming at 'them'. Pretty sure my neighbour upstairs thought I was out of my mind.

I'm not a believer in the paranormal either but I have had odd experiences in the past that I suppose could be interpreted as paranormal. I think it's too do with my very overactive imagination. I used to be able to create sensations just by simply thinking about them and could hallucinate stuff at will, although most of the time only the negative stuff I thought about appeared and not a lot of the positive. For most of my life I felt I was in between two different planes of existence .  I do hallucinate a lot now (down to psychosis) and so I have lots of bizarre experiences.
My mum used to believe I was going to turn into a psycho killer lol. That hasn't come true (yet).

Has anyone else had similar experiences?


I believe in God.  Yeah I know that's not a popular thing to say on a social network site, but my point is, if I believe in the devine, I therefore accept the concept of good/evil influences in our lives that are "supernatural," if you will, and not created by the profane (used as the verb here meaning: not sacred, but secular.)  A good part of the reason I believe in God is because of some rather bizarre experiences I've had, mostly when I was young, but some as little as a dozen years ago.  And, no, I've never had any psychosis, didn't do drugs, etc.  I guess I'd have to describe them as "visions."

The most recent was waking in the middle of the night and seeing an old friend standing at the foot of my bed surrounded by several "luminescent" figures.  Oddly enough I wasn't startled at this sight, but rather felt an overwhelming peaceful presence in the room. I sat up and said hello to my friend and the greeting was returned. I blinked and it all disappeared along with the peaceful feeling. It was just a dark room in the middle of the night. A couple days later, I read my friend's obituary  in the paper - He had died unexpectedly - the same date I had the vision.  that's when I freaked out about it.

I hadn't seen him in several years and I hadn't been thinking about him at any time before his death, so I wasn't DDing about him, It wasn't a night time dream - I was wide awake - even got up for a glass of water afterwards. I have no other explanation other than a supernatural incident (or paranormal, if you prefer that term.)

When I was a child I would do weird things, like I could tell you the phone was about to ring and who would be calling, what the next song would be on the radio,  at times. Couldn't all the time. Sometimes it would just hit me. A while back the same thing happened again while watching Jeopardy I answered a question on Classical music that no one else got even though I had never heard the music and no nothing about it.  And sometimes I have prophetic dreams. Just seems like certain times this happens. I have no idea why.


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