I realize that many of us Maladaptive Daydreamers enjoy being by ourselves and be loners. It just seems to me that everyone on this site is like that, except for me. I am incredibly social, and although I do enjoy spending time by myself to daydream, I feel guilty afterwards.

I was wondering if anyone else felt like this too. 

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You're not the only one.  Research has found that many with MD have normal social lives.  

I'm starting to be more social than I have been in recent years, so no worries sbout being an oddball. No one is ever truly alone when it comes to things like this. Always remember that :).

Actually, I don't think that people who socialize are oddballs.  I think they're the norm when it comes to MD.  

The study done by Dr. Cynthia Schupak and Jayne Bigelsen found that "

4.5.2. Time diverted from real world social relationships
There was a wide range of social functioning demonstrated across the participants. Twenty-four percent of participants
reported some degree of perceived social impairment, including social awkwardness, social anxiety or perceiving themselves
to be ‘‘a loner.’’ Nine percent of participants reported having no friends or meaningful relationships, saying that the only
meaningful conversations they experience take place in their heads.
In contrast, 76% of participants reported normal social behavior and interactions with friends, family, and coworkers.
However, regardless of the level of social functioning, participants reported a preference for fantasizing over spending time
with individuals in their real life."

I'm KINDA social. I'm better at socializing online, though I'm usually not bad at socializing in real life, too. I generally prefer being alone (though I love talking to people online instead of in person) and can get uncomfortable when spending too much time around people in real life, I still have a group of friends in school and a lot of people I can comfortably talk to in school. 


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