Hey, guys. I'm a little confused on this...I'm not sure if I have the disorder, or if I just have an overactive imagination. For one thing, I don't daydream all the time. Usually just about thirty minutes before I go to sleep, and when I'm bored or listening to music.


Also, I have total control over when I daydream and what I daydream about.


They are, however, extremely detailed and movie-like, and I'll purchase entire instrumental tracks just to daydream to. Literally, there are hundreds of songs on my iPod that I purchased just to fit to certain scenes in my head. :3 I guess they are kind of addicting, too.


I'll pace around sometimes when I daydream, or jiggle my leg, or generally make some sort of movement. I'll also make a facial expression when I daydream. One time I was daydreaming a really sad scene, and my mother, who was eating breakfast with me, said, "What's wrong? You look depressed." I just said I was tired.


I like writing, so maybe this has something to do with it? Is it just creative energy? Or do I really have Maladaptive Daydreaming? I know that when I daydream something really awesome, I'll get a weird adrenaline rush and I'll be giggling and bouncing off the walls...and I know that that's not exactly normal teenage girl behavior (well, in accordance with daydreams, anyway). Sometimes I'll want to sit at home on weekend nights and daydream, or do something that stimulates daydreams, like listening to music or playing video games.


I don't think other people on here have much control about when/where they daydream, and plus they seem to daydream a lot more often than I do (I love my daydreams, but I couldn't do it for more than an hour unless it was really stimulating and visual).


If anyone can tell me for sure, and/or give some advice, that would be much appreciated :) I know that I'm the only one who knows my own mind, but I'm pretty confused...do I have MD? Thanks!



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Hey, thanks for responding....for some reason, it kind of comforts me to know that I have it. I know that sounds really crazy. But it's true....I'm glad that I can daydream and have inspiration and motivation to write...I guess that the 'Maladaptive' part hasn't really developed yet (except for the fact that I'm getting distracted in class and after school).


I guess I'm just happy that there's a name for it. I emailed an expert about it, and she hasn't responded yet...but I think she'll confirm it for me.


Whitney said:

Hey I'm new.... But I read your post and I think you have it but see the thing is ... Last time I heard this thing is new and there are probably different ways to be MD .... But yea I would think that you have it

Yeah, same here.

kay Pow said:

I honestly think you have it. But thats ok. I just found out i had it too and ever since my life has been easier. Just to know i'm not crazy.

Hey there!  Yea it sounds like you pretty much have MD--I'm brand new to this site, and have only just recently found out that what I've been doing my whole life has a name!  But yea, from the way you describe the pacing, and leg jiggling, and doing it to music, it's all very MD-esque.  Also, you mention how you have control over the daydreams.  I know for myself, I also have total control over the dreams.  I daydream when I want and what I want to dream about.  But maybe it's not like that for everyone.  Another thing I'm learning from all this is that MD can be fairly different from person to person.



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