I hate that I start to daydream again. I have few friends at school.I passed out at school yesterday because I gave blood at school.I didn't eat or drink anything before I gave blood . I was close to dying.The teacher of the health class told me that I almost had no pulse. I peed on myself because when you are close to dying you let go of all the fluids. I had black and blurry eyesight . I couldn't feel my feet. my legs were numb. My head really hurt bad. I miss a lot of classes because I donated blood and I had an E.O.C.T  test that morning . I am going to try harder but I will be taking 11th  grade.

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I'm sorry that you have such a hard time. Please take care of yourself! Eat healthy, move (bicycling, jogging) and be with your friends. If you feel weak, sit or lie down and eat and drink something. And please don't give blood anymore until your health is stable. When I was at your age I also passed out sometimes. I hope, that you feel already better.

Wow. That sounds really scary.


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