Hi folks, I've set up a group for anyone living in the New York City area who might like to meet and talk about MD issues. I wanted to set up this group because I've never met anyone in person who has this condition I think it would be great to meet others and connect. A number of MD'ers are introverted and lonely folks, and some of us suffer from depression, and support groups can be helpful. A lot of people with MD express the idea that they thought they were the only one with MD and a support group could do a lot to reduce this isolation. I'll be running the group, so contact me and I sure hope you join. Any questions, just drop me a line.

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Good luck with that. I have attended support groups for other afflictions like depression and they have helped me so I am sure one for MD will do likewise - provided you can keep everyone's attention during the meeting :-)


Haven't heard of an MD group before - is this a world's first then?

Wish I lived in NY

Well, I'm still holding out hope that there are enough MD'ers in the New York area to form an in-person meet up group. If no one joins (so far it's just me)I have to admit I'll be disappointed. I've attended other types of support groups and it's been my observation that magical, serendipitous things can happen as a result of them - as they tend to whenever people get together for a positive reason. I'll wait a few more days...

***New Bulletin***

The New York City MD Group is back in action. I set it up back in August but no one joined and I forgot all about it. Then two people joined in the last 2-3 months. We could be on a roll! So I'm sending a shout-out to anyone on Wild Minds who's in the NYC commutable area - please consider joining. If enough people join we could set up a real life meet up. I hope to hear from you!

I don't live in New York. :-( But if I did, I would totally join! Great idea! :-D


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