I started daydreaming at seven to cope with the abuse I was experiencing in my home. It didn't affect my social life or school, for the most part. When I started college, it gradually got worst. I was dealing with family drama, hidradenitis suppurativa (a  inflammation disease that affects the skin), and unresolved personal issues. I would get lost for hours in my own little world. I would put on my headsets, listen to music, as I pace back and forth in my dorm room. Most times I would mouth or speak the conversations I was having in my fantasy world. I was able to get it under control and finally graduated college in 2008. I never told anyone because I feared I would be seen as crazy. It wasn't until three years ago when I found Dr. Eli Somer's article about maladaptive daydreaming online.

Now that I suffer from chronic migraines, due to my spinal arthritis of the neck, I gain daydream for hours on in. I started a audio book called "coping with trauma-related dissociation" by Suzette Boone to help me stop daydreaming and stay in the present. I try to do a chapter a week then discuss it with my counselor during our sessions. I'm fortunate to find a therapist that takes my MD seriously after two previous ones didn't. I'm glad I found this community because I really need the support. I had a bad couple of days were I lost hours I can't get back. And I will provide support and encouragement whenever I can. 

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hi im sorry your dealing with painful migraines daydreaming is definately a coming mechanism and it can help with physical pain not just the distraction but mental stimulation that affects your mood will effect you physically your body releases endorphins that help with pain also daydreaming can help you map out real solutions (if we find ways to bring some of our daydreams into reality for me i can do things i desire online that i cant cant find offline) i just came across a good article about some positives about daydreaming just because we have little control over daydreaming right now we do have control over looking at the positives or negatives of doing it that brings either hope or despair because in reality there is both positive and negative its not all negative  https://lonewolfmag.com/maladaptive-daydreaming-line-talking-gettin...

"Anyone experiencing maladaptive daydreaming can choose to look at the positive effects of their limitless minds. If we can accomplish so much simply in our fantasies, imagine what limits our mind is capable of pushing us toward. By embracing our unique outlook we might just find a vast set of skills awaiting our acknowledgment. By tapping into the creative process via our imaginations we can uncover hidden talents lying dormant within our spirits."

Thank you for the article and the words of encouragement. It's greatly appreciated. 


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