Does anyone else find that just changing your DD character's name (for yourself) takes you to new levels in old DD, or else opens a whole new scenario.  I change my DD name pretty often (couple times a year) when a new name really appeals to me, and I know my DD's will really take off after that.  My original DD name (12-14?) was Roxanne, which is why I'm using it here.

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I haven't tried. Could be interesting.

Oh interesting. :O I've changed my main DD character's name only once. First he was called Lyle (named after a favorite book character who inspired my creating him), then I started calling him Dan (no idea where that came from...just happened). I switch off sometimes, and it does make the old scenarios feel a little more refreshing. I'm also working on a story using him and his original DD name, totally separate from my main daydream. Different feeling indeed.


I'm really picky with names though and doubt I'll ever change them again. And since my main characters are always changing their roles and personalities, I feel better with their names at least staying the same. xD

I use to change my name a lot at first when I was first strating high school but since then I've really just stuck with one name. Kyou and then when referring to myself I use Ollie.

I can't believe I'm the only one who does this on a regular basis.  It is such a thrill for me.  I just recently changed my name again & it just perked everything up.

i've changed my character's middle name, but not her first. i just felt like the new middle name fit her better.

I change my own characters name when it suites the plot. But I know I have had the same character personality for my main dd character, although I constantly change his name and tweak his looks.

It really adds a little drama, don't you think?

Girlie, then I tried to give her a real name, Karla stuck, but I still call her Girlie 'cause I that's just my nickname for her now, and she actually has a real name now which I think is good.

But a few of the characters don't have names yet, they just haven't stuck. Kinda like with my toys, actually. Some got names quickly, some took a while to be names and some, after years, still haven't recieved names yet haha

(I doubt it, but if anyone's curious on who hasn't got names yet, it's Karla's boyfriend/father of her very-nearly born child, her unborn child (boy or girl? I think maybe baby (heehee, rhymes) will be a girl. Still unsure about that.) The guy that's actually my friend and pretty good, but acts all perverted and 'will hit on anything female', as I once said to another DD character, and the newest character who came in after a new development, who is in Germany with my German friend's friend, as a favour, and she (friend's friend) doesn't know he befriended her for me but he actually likes her as a friend so it's all pretty sweet.)

Wow. Half of my post is in brackets! (Haha)

Wow, that is a lot of people without names.  Even Girlie's boyfriend.  I love the nickname Girlie, by the way.

My newest name for me - having recently taken on an Hispanic persona - is Dr. Caroline Sandoval.  In the last few months I became (in DD, of course) an MD, working for Doctors without Borders, whom I so admire.  Before that - for about 6 months or so - I was Anna Cardinale, of Italian descent.  And before that, I was Anna (or Priscilla or Giselle) MacKenzie.  Before that it was Camilla Di Rossi.  And on & on & on.  My very first name, that I really identified with for years - all through junior & senior high & college -  was Roxanne Hunt, which is why I use Roxanne here.  Every once in a while I go back to it.


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