Hello, I knew that I had MD since a while back, but just decided to stop it. My life is good right now but MD stops me from trying new stuff and actually living.

I stopped daydreaming around 3 days ago (not long i know) but I fell better and more alive than before. I have some mood swings, problems to sleep and dream a lot more (has someone else more dreams?). 

Now to my questions:

What are " normal" people thinking about the whole day? Im kinda bored to say at least...

I have the problem that if I think about future events that i start to daydream about it. Are there some tricks to stop that?

And last but not least: I started to consume more media Than before. Probally to deal with all the emotions.

Is there a way to deal with that. I dont want to exchange one addiction with another.

Thanks ;)


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I'm not entirely sure what normal people think about, lol.  Everyone daydreams, and normal people daydream when they're planning for their future, too.  I know when I'm not daydreaming, it makes me more keenly aware of the people in my life, and I wonder what they are thinking/feeling/needing.  It makes me seek out sensory information (going on a walk, playing in the sprinkler).  It makes me more aware of existential issues (Who is God?  What does he want?).  And it makes me aware of all the things I avoid (the futility of life on this earth, the irrelevance of happiness, how small and vulnerable and alone I am).  

How do you deal with emotions?  Well, I suggest letting yourself sit with the emotion.   Ask yourself: what am I feeling?  When did I start feeling this?  What happened when I started feeling this?  Does my level of reaction make sense with what occurred or is it exaggerated?  Why does this matter to me?  Should it matter?  Is this something that ought to be changed?  If yes, how?  If no, then maybe this is an emotion that I will just need to let exist within me and ebb and flow as some do (like with grief--you can't fix that your loved one died, so you feel grief, and it's healthy to let yourself feel grief and not to try to stuff it or hide it).  Anyway.  Hope this helps.  Better said than done.  


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