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Hi all.
I ou just found this. I was day dreaming to the point I was begining to worry if I was mildly scytzophrenic (god i cant even spell it!) sure someone will core me.
I started to look things up and found out that i am not the only one so kind of makes me feel a little “normal”.
I have also been a bit of a liner. But my imaginary friends keep me company. They are pretty quiet they dont day much. If they did i would worry.
I supose it os just my way of copi g with lifes disappointments and failures. The biredom and drugery of reality. Not achiaving what i wanted and fixing up my many regrets.
The thing I have done in mmy dream life make Walter Mitty look Boring!
But nice tonknow there are others like me.
And i do seriously hope that there are not any nerds that correct poeples spelling and grammer on tbis site. If you do wish go correcty spell or grammar dont. Any way i have done this on my phone and tbe key board isnt that great to use.

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Hi and welcome to the group.  :)

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