I was just wondering about what Myers-Briggs types you all were, so could you please tell me:

What type you are (you can take the quiz here http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp ).

Is your current alter ego, daydream self, main character, whatever you call a yourself or an idealized version of yourself.

And what Myers-Briggs your main character is.

This isn't really for anything except that I'm curious.  I'm an INFP, my main character is not myself, and she is an ISTP.

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HI there. When I took the Myers-Briggs on two different occasions, I got INFP also the first time then ISFJ the second time. But I feel like I'm more an INFP with bits of ISFJ. I'm not even consistent in my real-life self haha! Imagine all the kinds of personality types I have in my daydream versions of myself, including lots of extroverted ones...

But I'm glad you mentioned this. Sometimes I feel like I don't really know my own "real" personality or identity because of my very long-lasting MD. I wonder if anyone else feels the same...

I'm INTJ. My main character is bordering on INFJ/INTJ. My main character is not myself/alter ego, he's a made-up character.

I'm INFP and I'm myself in my daydreams, just a cooler/prettier/stronger/more successful me with a hot guy (my love interest du jour in real life, with whom I don't have a real relationship/friendship with because of my strong shyness) who keeps telling me how special I am etc

My alter-ego is ENFJ, so I guess she's the extroverted version of myself

Ok, I've never seen so many INTJ's in one place. I think it would be cool if we could make a poll on this and see if there's any personality type that stands out.

Interesting post! Never thought to compare the two. I'm INFJ. In my daydreams, a I'm an idealized version of myself; ESFJ.


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